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Thank you for taking the time to visit our Perfection Roofing website. We know your home and business are two of your most important investments and many people go through the re-roof process only a few times in a lifetime. Why not take the time to make sure you know the quality and integrity of the company you’re buying from, as well as the best options for your situation.

Choose the Best Roofing Products

We take pride in our establishment and our 35 years in the Tulsa market. We feel our showroom is a great opportunity for us to educate you on the best products for your roof, as well as the most common mistakes people make when buying a roof system. We have found that customers love being able to see, touch and hear the differences in roofing products, so we wanted to create a place where we can do all these things at one place. We want you to be excited about your new roof, which is why we want you to have many options and materials for you to choose from. We encourage our customers to come down and spend twenty minutes with us to discuss their roofing options. We haven’t met a customer yet who wasn’t glad they did.

Free Roofing Option Consultations

Do yourself a favor and make sure you understand the material and service you are buying. It doesn’t cost a thing to talk with one of our many representatives and let them help you make a decision about your new roof. We even have short educational videos from the different manufacturers to help educate you about the advantages of different products and materials.

See Different Types of Shingles

We have displays set up for you to understand each part of the re-roofing process, as well as insulation, deck construction, and ventilation. For Decks, we can show you step by step what sets our re-deck process apart, as well a common ways contractors cut corners that you never see. For those looking for a new roofing material, we have a huge color selection with over 1000 square feet of shingle and color options to choose from. With so many different manufacturers for each component, why risk confusion or missing parts. We can help you find a roofing system and make sure it is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. This will ensure your roof will last a long time and your warranties will be intact.

At Perfection Roofing, we have nothing to hide, but don’t take our word for it. Come in to our comprehensive showroom and let us find the perfect roof for you.

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