The insurance claims process can be a daunting and intimidating process. At Perfection Roofing, we are insurance claims professionals. We provide our customer with peace of mind that they are getting what is due from their insurance provider. It is our priority to take all the stress off our customers while going through the claims process. We know that your life is busy, which is why we make it our mission to relieve you of negotiating with your insurance company.

Insurance Specialists, insurance claim, perfection roofing insurance calim, tulsa insurance claim, Here at Perfection, our licensed staff knows how to help. Whether you are dealing with a residential or commercial property claim, we have the tools to be successful with your insurance provider.

We want to help restore your property as if it were our own. Contact us to have one of our roof consultants or our HAAG Certified Roofing Inspector conduct a free inspection.

The Insurance Claim Process

  1. Contact your agent and describe the damage to your property. Request that your agent have the adjuster make an appointment to inspect the roof with your Perfection Roofing, Inc. Associate.
  2. Set the appointment and contact your Perfection Roofing, Inc. Associate to give him the time and date and adjuster’s name and telephone number.
  3. If the roof is approved, your insurance company will issue a check. This amount will reflect the estimated amount to restore your property less the deductible and depreciation.
  4. If you have a mortgage on your home, the first check will be made out to the Homeowner and the Mortgage Company. Contact your Mortgage Company and ask for the Insurance Department or the Loss Draft Department for details on their process.
  5. Contract with a qualified roofing contractor that is familiar with the insurance process. Any credible Roofing Company will agree to do the installation for what the insurance company agrees to pay for the roof replacement plus your deductible. If they are willing to do the job for less, especially when there is more work than most can handle, then it is probably a sign that they are forced to sell on price alone; this situation is usually an indication of quality or cash-flow problems.
    If anyone suggests that you “make money” on the roof installation, this is Insurance Fraud and you and the other participant could become involved in a lot of trouble. The Insurance Companies are constantly monitoring the claims to protect themselves and their policyholders.
  6. Call your Perfection Roofing, Inc. Associate when the first check comes in from the Mortgage Company. Please check the materials to verify the shingle color and drip edge color are correct.
  7. Upon completion, your Perfection Roofing, Inc. Associate will do a final inspection on the job and go over the checklist with you. Please note any items that need attention (if any) and sign the final inspection checklist. At this time the balance of the initial claim check and the deductible are due. If your Mortgage Company has requested a final inspection, call them now.
  8. The final bill will be faxed or mailed directly to the insurance company.
  9. Upon receipt of the final insurance check, the invoice is due. Please contact your Perfection Roofing, Inc. Associate to pick up the final check. You will be supplied with a Labor and Material Warranty Certificate.

What You Need to Know about Insurance and Your Roof

If you suspect that your roof has sustained even minor storm damage, have your roof thoroughly evaluated by a HAAG-certified roofing inspector. Even a few broken/uplifted shingles or areas of loosened flashing can cause leaks and extensive structural and interior damage. A skilled inspector can assess, document and photograph the damage to your roof, and give you a cost estimate for repairs. If the anticipated repairs total more than your insurance deductible, it’s worth filing a claim.

Once you’ve had a free roof inspection, here’s how to proceed with a damage claim:

  • Contact your insurance company to report your roof damage and tell them you’ve had an inspection performed. They should ask for the inspector’s name and then set up a time to have their adjuster assess your roof.
  • Plan to have your roofing inspector on hand for the adjuster’s visit. This can avert problems like receiving a settlement offer that doesn’t cover all the needed repairs because the adjuster missed some critical damage.
  • Make sure the roofing contractor you hire for repairs is reputable, well-established in Tulsa, and has experience dealing with insurance claims. Beware of any contractor who offers to do the work without you paying a deductible, or asks if you’re interested in coming out ahead cash-wise on the repairs.
  • When you receive an estimate letter and first check, schedule your roof repairs. Once the work is completed, your contractor will send a final invoice to your insurer, and you’ll receive a second check for any depreciation they held back, less your deductible. After a final inspection, pay your roofing contractor and make sure you receive a workmanship and material warranty certificate.


Perfection has HAAG certified Roof inspectors in house who often times mediate for insurance companies. If your roof project requires an insurance appraisal committee appointed or should there be a discrepancy with your Insurance company, Perfection Roofing’s on-staff HAAG certified Roof Inspectors are a powerful resource for you.



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