Insurance Claim Process

slider_claimsCall you Insurance Agent; ask your Agent to have the Adjuster make an appointment to inspect your roof.

The Adjuster will usually look at your roof within 5 to 7 days after you file the claim. When the Adjuster contacts you, be sure to get their name and telephone number, and then schedule your inspection appointment.

Contact Perfection Roofing to set an appointment for your free estimate. Provide us your Insurance Loss Sheet, which will have all the information we need to work with your Insurance Company. This gives us an opportunity to verify the Adjuster’s measurements; compare the price’s with the most up-to-date pricing for all materials and, most importantly, that they didn’t miss anything!!!! If there are any discrepancies, we can do the haggling with your Insurance Company, so you don’t have to! (We must have a signed “contract” for the Insurance Company to speak to us about your Loss).

Once an Estimate has been approved and signed we can begin the “roofing process”
On the day that your roofing materials are delivered to your home, please be sure to verify the shingle color. If you have any questions about the materials, please call Perfection Roofing before the old roof is removed.

Upon completion of your new roof, the final bill will be faxed or mailed directly to the insurance company by Perfection Roofing and a copy will be sent to you. Upon receipt of the final insurance check, the invoice is due.

Typically, if the roof is approved for repair or replacement, you will receive a check for an estimated 50% of the claim. If you have a mortgage on your home, the first check will be made out to you and your mortgage company.

Contact your mortgage company and ask for the Insurance Department or the Loss Draft Department for details on their process to get the first check endorsed. Do not sign the check until it comes back from the mortgage company in case the check gets lost or stolen in the mail.

Still confused? If you have any type of insurance questions regarding roof damage, please contact us immediately. To schedule a free inspection of your existing roof, please call us at 918-665-6747, or click here to contact us via email

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