A commercial flat roof without and with a roof coat

Commercial Roof Coating

Applying a durable and energy efficient silicone or acrylic roof coating to your large or small commercial flat roof is a critical part of ensuring your business’s roof has the care it needs to keep your assets protected for many years to come.
Adding a quality roof coating to your commercial roofing system can extend the useful life of your roof, protect against leakage and water damage, shield against severe weather damage and even lower cooling costs by reflecting sunlight away from your roof and so preventing excess heat from absorbing into your building’s structure.

At Perfection Roofing Inc we use only the top quality silicone and acrylic roof coatings from Karnak and Gaco brands.

All Karnak Roof Coatings are made to reflect sunlight and seal moisture out. Karnak offers a variety of reflective Acrylic and Silicone coatings to suit your building’s needs and aesthetic.

Gaco offers a range of Silicone Roof Coating Systems that are backed by a 50 year limited Material warranty through the manufacturer. This allows for peace of mind alongside the many benefits you will receive through your Gaco Silicone roof coating.

Silicone vs. Acrylic Roof Coatings


  • Only requires one coat on most roofs
  • Can stand up against ponding water (acrylic can’t since it’s water based)
  • Doesn’t chalk, degrade or haze from UV exposure
  • Can lose reflectivity over time
  • Longest lasting roof coating
  • Not ideal for areas with high foot traffic 


  • Lower cost
  • Highly reflective thus saving you more in energy costs
  • Water based formula
  • Does not withstand well to ponding water
  • Less odor emission from fumes
  • Low flammability risk


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