You may have heard the old saying, “It is better to seek forgiveness than permission.” Typically used as a winking way of giving ourselves approval for doing something we suspect may not be acceptable, it is a glib phrase that will not help if you accidentally infringe on a homeowner’s association (HOA) covenant.

Prior Written Approval Required

If you live within a development overseen by an HOA, any remodeling, change of appearance to your home, or roof replacement requires prior written approval by the HOA.

HOA Covenants & Requirements

DSC00012 (Copy)While some developments may have a relaxed approach to rule enforcement, many HOAs work hard to uphold the exact spirit and letter of the by-laws homeowners have agreed to follow.

This can mean very specific instructions on seeking approval for roof replacement:

  • Know the forms to fill out
  • Carefully read the covenants related to your home’s roof
  • Be patient with the application approval process
  • Plan ahead, keeping your roofer updated
  • Politely ask questions if steps or answers are unclear

Your Roof is Not Their First Priority

Most HOAs are run by eager volunteers from within your development and have part-time outside legal counsel.

Your roof replacement is clearly important to you, but may not be the first item on their priority list.

This makes planning very important, as a delay in the approval process may frustrate your schedule and the roofer’s availability.

Be patient and make a point of following up with your HOA.

Roof Colors and Styles are Often Predetermined

Many HOA covenants will specify a particular roofing style and color. This is done to keep a harmonious, uniform appearance to the homes in your development, and retain property values. These designations do not rob you of all choices, however, as you discuss roof replacement with your roofer:

  • Underlayment—many options beyond traditional tar paper exist
  • Decking Materials—oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood
  • Radiant Barrier—cuts energy costs and is invisible from outside
  • Ice Shielding—prevents ice damming in gutters
  • Architectural Shingles—deeper cut, dramatic accent

Depending on the wording of your covenants, you may also be able to consider alternative roofing materials such as metal or cement tile, installation of solar panels to lower electrical costs, or energy-efficient reflective shingles.

Work with a Roofer Who is Familiar with HOAs

While some HOAs seem to enforce their by-laws selectively or intermittently, avoid frustration and possible legal consequences by working with a roofing professional accustomed to HOA rules. You and your roofer can work together to be good neighbors in your community and still give you the roof replacement you want.

At Perfection Roofing, we will partner with you and your HOA from beginning to end when re-roofing your Oklahoma City home. Great customer service is our hallmark.

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