Why Work with a Properly Insured Roofer?As a homeowner, you have insurance for your property. A roofing contractor should also have insurance to cover their employees, products and installation along with any damage to your property.

A reliable roofing contracting company will guarantee its work and the warranties from the materials manufacturers. At Perfection Roofing, we insure that you will get the best products and services as described in our estimates and contracts. We are insured roofers with product liability insurance if our installation or the products we use don’t live up to their advertised standards.

Perfection Roofing in Tulsa protects your interest and the interest of the company with insurance to cover employees. This includes Workers Compensation insurance to cover injuries to roofers. Equipment damage is also covered.


Insurance companies want to know that the roofing contractors covered by their policies are licensed and bonded. They want all installers to have the proper training for working on a roof. This is a dangerous job and the proper safety equipment is mandatory.

Our roofing installers are trained in the safety procedures required for working on high pitched roofs as well as on flat roofs. This is a job for professionals. Inspecting and repairing a roof or installing rain gutters is not a do-it-yourself project although many people try to do themselves.

Perfection Roofing is certified by HAAG for residential roof inspections. Our employees have completed classes offered by HAAG on the latest technology in roofing materials, advanced damage inspection, wind and hail damage and safety.

The HAAG Certified Inspector (HCI) program was created by Haag Engineering to educate roofing contractors and their insurance companies. Most insured roofers are required to obtained HAAG certifications and renew them when necessary.

Avoid scams

Always ask the roofing contractor you contact about the company’s insurance. Inquire about HAAG classes and certifications. You can ask to see certificates at the company’s offices or showroom. The roofing company, like Perfection Roofing, should also be a member in good standing of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

Be concerned about anyone who knocks at your door and tells you that you may have roof damage after a storm. Contact Perfection Roofing directly for a complete roof inspection. We have served the Greater Tulsa Area since 1979 with reliable, insured roof repairs and installation. We also help you fill out your insurance claims in the event of storm damage.

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