What to do when you need insurance repairs

Oklahoma’s sometimes volatile weather can wreak havoc on your roof and leave you facing expensive repairs or even a roof replacement. Fortunately, your homeowner’s insurance policy should help cover some of the cost, if not all of it.

But filing an insurance claim when your roof is damaged by hail storms, high winds, falling trees, and more is often a challenge. That’s why it’s important to work with a roofing contractor who will negotiate with your insurance company to help relieve you of part of the burden.

Here are some suggestions and steps to help during the claim process.

Contacting the right people

Your first step is to contact your insurance agent to describe your roof’s damage and to set up an inspection with an adjuster. A reliable roofing contractor should also be on-site at the same time.

Determining the amount

If the damage is caused by an event listed in your homeowner’s policy, it’s often not a question of whether your insurance company will pay, but how much.

When your claim is approved, the insurance company typically issues a check to cover the repair and restoration of the roof minus the deductible and possible depreciation.

It may come as a surprise how some policies don’t cover the cost of a new roof or when the amount is prorated for the roof’s age. As mentioned, you will also have to pay the deductible you initially chose for your policy.

A trusted, credible contractor should work with your insurance company to make sure all needed repairs can be done right and also be covered. Always be leary of if a contractor suggests you can “make money” on the roofing work. It’s a strategy which qualifies as insurance fraud and a clear signal that you should look for another contractor.

Have it done on your schedule

Your time is valuable, which is why you should choose a quality roofing contractor who is local and can work with your schedule. The contractor should be upfront about the cost and timing and set realistic expectations for each. There are times you will not need to be home for the work, or final inspection, depending on what work is being done.

Perfection Roofing Inc. of Tulsa will guide you through every step of the insurance claim process. They provide superior services and consulting to exceed the expectations they set for each customer.