Many homeowners often neglect their roofs with the assumption as long as their warranty is active, the roof will be repaired or replaced for free should something happen. This is entirely misleading. Your roofing warranty can be easily rendered void if you fail on your part to meet certain requirements. For example, failure to keep up to date with periodic roofing inspections and maintenance will void your warranty coverage.

Things Which Can Void Your Roofing Warranty

Your roof warranty normally covers manufacturer defects and installation errors, not negligence. Aside from lack of or poor roof maintenance, there are other things which could render your roofing warranty void:

1: Improper Installation

In many instances, homeowners are tempted to try and reduce costs by hiring inexperienced contractors who offer cheap labor fees. The problem is such low-cost contractors don’t have the experience, expertise, or equipment to do quality roof installations. More often than not, such contractors end up making installation errors which void your warranty.

2: Improper Ventilation

One common installation mistake some contractors make is the installation of new shingles over old ones in a bid to cut costs. Doing so inhibits roof ventilation, trapping a lot of moisture inside which creates a damp and conducive environment for mold growth. The extra shingles also increase the overall weight load on your roof deck.

3: Hot Roofs

A “hot roof” simply means the insulation is installed closely underneath the roof decking, without adequate space for ventilation. Some homeowners consider this design in order to utilize the attic space as an extra room in the house. The problem is when you bring your attic into the thermal envelope of your home, the roofing system can experience excessive heat which can cause the roof to deteriorate faster.

4: Installing a Roof Over Old Roofing Material

While many reputable roofing contractors won’t do this, there are some who will offer this option as a means to save money. It basically eliminates the labor cost for tearing off the old roof and disposing of it. Unfortunately, installing new shingles over old ones can shorten the lifespan of new shingles. It can also damage your roof’s overall structure and void your warranty.

5: Pressure Washing

For many homeowners, the quickest and cheapest solution for moss growth is pressure washing. But, pressure washing at a very high setting can easily void your roof warranty. High pressure will cause your shingles’ granules to deteriorate or fall off.

6: Adding Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Read through the fine print of your roofing warranty coverage to see if antenna or satellite dish installation can void a part of your warranty. In some cases, your warranty may be voided if you drilled holes in your roof to attach an antenna or satellite dish, resulting in leaks.

7: Adding Skylights and Solar Panels

Similarly, fixtures such as solar panels and skylights involve major roof work which may include shingle removal or roof penetration. Always make sure your roofing contractor is available to coordinate with the technicians installing skylights or solar panels on your roof to avoid warranty issues.

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