4 Ways Water Can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

Water seeks the path of least resistance. If there are roof leaks, water will find them. Water can traverse roofing and building materials horizontally, vertically or take practically any angle it pleases. It can float on the air or sit like a dam on your roof’s eaves. Keep reading to learn how water, whether vapor, ice or liquid form, can wreak havoc on your roof and home — and how to prevent it.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks often begin with uplifted, damaged or missing shingles that expose the underlying layers. Separated flashing of an otherwise watertight roof is another favorite loophole for water. Water will exploit these access points and make them worse — deteriorating roofing layers beyond repair and causing additional damage to your attic and home. Call your Oklahoma City roofer at the first sign of shingle problems.

Ice Dams

Ice dams refer to ice accumulation on the eaves of a roof. Ice dams are caused by blocked gutters or attics that are too warm — melting the bottom layer of snow on the roof, which then refreezes on the cooler eaves. Ice dams cause harm to your roof by literally moving and damaging shingles and sheathing — creating access points for water.

Clean your gutters twice a year to ensure free water draining. Further, make sure your attic is insulated and air sealed so that it maintains temperature balance with outside conditions and eaves.

Gutter Damage

Blocked gutters prevent water from draining freely to the downspouts. Water spills over the side, which saturates the ground and soaks down to your home’s foundation. Given the chance, water in blocked gutters will deteriorate fascia board and sheathing. Water can also cause your gutters to pull away from fascia, which allows water to run down your home’s walls.

Sheathing and Timber Damage

Water vapor in your attic can damage sheathing, rafters, joists and insulation. Your attic should have ample ventilation to help prevent overly hot and humid conditions that can damage your roof from the bottom up. Ask your roofing contractor to inspect the ventilation in your attic and your entire roofing system to prevent costly repairs and losses.
The best way to prevent roof leaks and water damage to your home is to contact Perfection Roofing for a comprehensive roof inspection. You can count on us for the expertise you need in maintaining or repairing your roof.

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