tpo-2Whether you have experienced damage to your roof, desire to increase the value of your business property, or are in the planning stages of construction, your Tulsa roof is an essential piece to your building design. The material and features of your roof can make the difference between being energy efficient, better controlled interior climate, and keeping your services and/or products worry-free of damage in your building. TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing provides you with the desired effects of a pleasant, controlled, and protected business without the hassles associated with a lower quality roof.

If you have a roof with specialized features such as barrels or domes, the application process for TPO roofing is the ideal solution. The materials can easily be adhered to existing structures providing outstanding coverage. It is a lightweight option when there is a concern for decreasing the weight load of the roof, a common concern for flat roofing.

Thermoplastic polyolefin is heat welded to the roofing surface providing excellent sealing and protection to the structure. It is also fiberglass reinforced to produce an even stronger shell limiting the possibility of damage occurring. The smooth membrane that coats the material ensures that it will stay clean for a longer period of time as opposed to other roofing materials.

You will notice that the TPO roofing is also white in color; this is done with the purpose of reflecting the sunlight. This feature will keep your building cooler during the summer, saving you in cooling costs. The efficiency of these materials has earned an energy star rating in testament to its capabilities.

With a growing concern for the health of the environment, you can implement this material with the understanding that hazardous Chlorine and plasticizers are not used in the manufacturing of this product. This saves the environment from toxic exposure.

You will also be delighted with the cost savings you will find in both the installation and long term benefits provided by Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing.

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