If you’re looking for a cost-effective roofing solution, it’s worth considering TPO roofing for your Tulsa commercial property. Innovative TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, is created by chemically binding polypropylene with ethylene-propylene rubber, along with fiberglass and other fillers. First introduced in the early 90s, TPO is now the most frequently-installed single-ply membrane available, and it offers numerous benefits and few drawbacks.

Advantages of TPO Roofing

TPO gives commercial property owners a cost-effective material option that combines the best qualities of PVC and EPDM membranes. The advantages of choosing TPO include:

  • Exceptional durability. Because of its composition, a TPO membrane is strong yet flexible, so it withstands normal expansion and contraction along with building component movement and settling. It also provides superior resistance to punctures, tears and impact damage as well as deterioration from ultraviolet light, ozone, and chemical exposure.
  • Versatility. Depending on your existing roof system and your particular needs, your new single-ply TPO membrane can be mechanically attached using batten strips, or fully-adhered with heat-welded seams for greater strength and integrity. It’s also ideal for unusual roof configurations like barrels and domes.
  • Energy savings. White TPO reflects the sun’s UV rays, so the membrane qualifies as an Energy Star-rated “cool roof.” The material’s smooth finish also thwarts accumulations of debris, dirt and algae, so there’s no loss of reflective qualities. A TPO membrane keeps your roof surface and building interior cooler during our hot summers, and this translates into lower HVAC operating costs.
  • Sustainability. There are no potentially-hazardous plasticizers or chlorine-containing materials used in the TPO manufacturing process, so it’s safer for humans and the environment. TPO is also a 100 percent recyclable product.
  • Ease of installation and low maintenance. A TPO membrane is easy for an experienced roofer to work with and install, and because it resists wear, dirt and degradation, it’s a low-maintenance material choice.

Potential Disadvantages of TPO

Because TPO is a fairly recent product offering, the formulations used by manufacturers can vary, so not all TPO products are created equal. And, as with any other type of roof system, installation quality directly affects the performance and longevity of a new TPO roof. You’ll avoid future problems and see the greatest ROI by choosing a reputable, experienced commercial roofer and a TPO membrane made by a well-established manufacturer.

To learn how TPO roofing can benefit your Tulsa commercial property, contact us at Perfection Roofing Inc. today!

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