shingle roof replacement projeted timeline for Tulsa homeowners

After deciding to go ahead with a shingle roof replacement, most homeowners wonder how long it will take to get the job done. Several factors can influence the timeline for your new roof. Your favorite Tulsa roofers at Perfection Roofing strive to work around or eliminate as many of these factors as possible in order to get you under a new roof as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Weather

Wind, rain, and severe thunderstorms are a common reason for your shingle roof replacement to be delayed.  Should the weather threaten, our team will cover all our work with tarps to prevent any damage and be right back to work as soon as the weather safely permits.

Insurance Claims

Often, working with an insurance company on a roof replacement can add days or weeks to the wait for your new roof. Fortunately, our Tulsa roofing inspectors are HAAG Certified. Our inspectors went to the same school and have the same credentials as the insurance company’s adjusters.

As a result, we easily work with insurance adjusters from all companies, making it easier to come to an agreement about your roof’s condition and respect our professional assessments. HAAG certification also means that we are qualified to go to bat for you and ensure your roof is properly restored.

Hidden Damage

Roofs that look fine from the outside can have hidden damage on the inside. Inadequately ventilated attics can become a haven for mold, literally causing your roof to rot from the inside out. Undiscovered leaks can also cause hidden damage. The need for some repairs may only be discovered after the old shingles are torn off and can add time to your project.

Final Thoughts

Working with a roofing contractor that maintains an A+ rating with the BBB will help to make sure that your project is completed in a timely manner. The roofing inspectors at Perfection Roofing take pride in being thorough and our free initial inspection and written estimate reflect that.  We do more than glance at your roof from the ground in order to ensure that the condition of your roof and its needs are fully known and that unforeseen repairs don’t delay the start or completion of your roof.

Contact us to schedule your next roof inspection, followed by a thorough price and timeline estimate.

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