Flat roofs are much different from sloped roofs in appearance and function, but both types potentially pose serious maintenance problems for owners.

All roofs need regular care to reach their intended long lifespans. While sloped roofs have the advantage of water running downward, flat roofs can trap water and debris more easily, leading to massive roof damage if unchecked. Here are important points to remember about maintaining your flat roof.

Common Weather Effects

Rain, snow, and wind are the forces which shorten a roof’s lifespan. Debris also plays a role in deterioration, along with the following factors:

  • leaks which allow water or air into the building, raising energy and maintenance costs
  • cracks increase pressure and stress on the roofing underlayment
  • water pool and ice buildup cause dips in the roofing
  • asphalt expands with heat and contracts with cold weather
  • flashing wears out over time from expansion and contraction
  • aging asphalt membrane loses elasticity, causing cracks and bubbles known as alligatoring

Why Regular Inspections are Important

Regular roof inspections are necessary to catch leaks and other damage early. Cracks or holes can expand if ignored. When water gets inside your building it can lead to deterioration of materials, along with the spread of mold and mildew, both of which can escalate health issues. These conditions can trigger substantial lawsuits and government fines on top of expensive structural damage.

How Regular Maintenance Helps Building Managers

Building managers have a responsibility to not only protect their properties but to also keep costs down. By regularly scheduling roof inspections once or twice per year, managers can sleep better at night knowing leaks won’t run up huge maintenance bills in the future. Keeping costs under control is a major key to increasing profit margins.

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