hail damage and roof damage oh my!

Your roof is essential to protecting your home from the elements. Since even minor damage can lead to extensive – and expensive – repairs, it’s important to call in a contractor quickly.  When getting ready for this step, many homeowners wonder “should I even notify my insurance?”

Advantages of Filing a Claim

If the damage to your roof is moderate to severe, the best choice is typically to file a claim with your insurance carrier.  If you are covered for the replacement cost of the roof, the installation of a new roof with a full warranty will be covered by your insurance company (excepting the deductible).

Some policies are set at actual cash value (ACV), which means that you are covered for the current, depreciated value of your roofing system. In either case you will end up spending much less out of pocket, and have a long-lasting roof to show for it.

What About My Premiums?

Although filing a claim may result in elevated premiums, insurance rates are typically more affected by the region you live in, and a statistical amount of claims per year are expected and anticipated by each insurance company.

Each insurance company differs greatly concerning the amount of premium fluctuation that a homeowner will experience. Contact your insurance agent or trusted adviser to learn more about this aspect.

What if the Repairs are Minor?

When the damage to your roof is minor and significantly less than your deductible, you will end up paying for the entire expense out of pocket. Even in cases of moderate roof damage, if the repairs are slightly over your deductible, you may want to consider paying the costs yourself to avoid the lengthy process of submitting a claim. Consult with your insurance agent to learn whether any documentation is required or recommended by your company.

If you decide to file a claim, make sure that you work with a trusted contractor to document the damage properly, using both written and photographic depictions, and to create a detailed estimate for the repair costs.

Roof Repair Specialists in the Tulsa Area

For help with your roof damage and repair needs in the Tulsa area, contact our team at Perfection Roofing today.

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