types of shingles

Tulsa homeowners know roofs. Oklahoma’s weather can challenge even the toughest pioneer stock among us, and sometimes we face roof repair on all types of shingles, on metal roofs, and more. In many ways, our Tulsa addresses—and the roofs that crown them—are badges of honor, proudly worn to show the world that we can take the winds whistling down the plains. 

Metal Roofing

Once relegated to farm outbuildings and industrial areas, metal roofing has transformed many a residence into a beautiful showpiece. Metal roofing is extremely expensive at installation, but is exceptionally durable, unitized to make repair and replacement easy, and energy efficient.

Tile Roofing

As seen on the Cecil B. DeMille house on East 26th Place, tile roofing works…but only for Spanish, Italian, Asian and Mediterranean architecture. Tile roofing is, remarkably, very durable. It is extremely heavy, however, and must be installed and repaired with great skill. It is also very expensive, falling between metal roofing and various types of shingles.

Low-Slope Roofing

While most of the Tulsa houses we have worked on incorporated some degree of pitch, or angle, to their roofs, some residences use flat or low-slope roofing. This requires a membrane or other rolled material, sealed and fastened around edges and along seams. Perfection Roofing installs commercial roofing, which is almost exclusively one of these rolled materials.

Green Roofing

If you cover your low-slope or flat roof with layer of waterproof membrane, sod and grass, you have a green roof. As simple as a few inches of sod and some lush fescue, or as complex as a tree-bearing, park-like setting, green roofing can reduce cooling costs and even yield tasty fruits and vegetables.

Shingle Roofing

At Perfection Roofing, we install all types of shingles for Tulsa homeowners, continuing a tradition that makes shingles the single most popular roofing material in America. We enjoy working with the many styles offered by Owens Corning. Among the types of shingles we install:

  • Specialty—from the Berkshire® Collection to Duration® Premium Cool shingles, the specialty shingles are top-of-the line products designed with specific purposes and strengths in mind.
  • Architectural—The colors collection of the architectural collection offers a beautiful assortment of tones to complement your home.
  • Traditional—A basic three-tab, the Supreme® shingles are a fundamentally, classic choice.


Whether you are looking for wind resistance, long warranties, impact resistance, economy or the look of deep-cut shakes, we install all types of shingles to bring charm and elegance to your home. Contact Perfection Roofing today to let us help you select the best roof for your needs in Tulsa and the surrounding area.

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