How to Make Your Old Shingles Look New


Nothing ruins a roof’s curb appeal like streaking. Also simply referred to as stained shingles, these dark streaks are an eyesore that can cause your roof to prematurely age over time. Our team at Perfection Roofing would like to offer some information on what causes streaking – as well as what a homeowner can do to remedy the situation.

Streaking, What Causes It?

The most common cause of streaking is the presence of an algae that feeds off the components in the shingles.  Other causes may include: an excessive buildup of dirt or debris, mold, or mildew.

The Effects of Streaking

Besides making an unsightly appearance, the good news is that most algae-caused discoloration has a minor impact on the healthiness of your roof in the short term. (In the long term, your roof may suffer from premature aging.)

Although your roof may not be immediately at risk of deterioration, roof stains do cause harm in a more general sense: the aesthetic appearance of your home or garage.

The presence of stains can cause a 5-year-old roof to appear 20 years old or more.  If your home is on the market, this can spell danger to a prospective bidder and prevent your asking price from being met.

How To Eliminate Streaks

Algae growth on your roof can be removed by washing the shingles with a special chemical formula specially designed to use on asphalt shingles.  There are many brands to choose from, though your local roofing contractor can help you pick out one with the right mixture.  Although many homeowners have used bleach in the past to attempt a DIY cleaning on their roof, any residue can cause harm to the shingles.  Likewise, power washing should not be attempted, as it will damage the shingles.

A better option is to contact your local roofing contractor to inspect and clean your roofing system.  Look for a contractor with extensive training and experience in roofing systems to maximize the benefits of a roof cleaning.

Case in Point

Below you’ll see an example of a roofing cleaning project that our team at Perfection Roofing took on a little while ago.  Note how much of a difference a simple cleaning can do!


ugly roofs



Give your roof a facelift and have the professionals at Perfection Roofing clean and inspect your roof to make sure you get the full life out of your investment.

Contact us for more information on a roof inspection or repair project for your home. We service the roofing needs of Tulsa and the surrounding area.

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Original article published on Mar. 8, 2013. 
Information updated May 4, 2015.