Now that winter is coming to an end and spring cleaning is in full force, we want to remind you about your roof maintenance. Your roof is a very important part of your home and it can really take a beating from those cold winter months. Therefore, you will definitely want to perform a quick check-up on certain areas and have your roof contractor repair whatever is needed to be fixed. Then you will be ready to face the spring and summer months with confidence in your existing roof.


It does not have to be difficult, you can start by taking a quick look at things from the ground. However, if you see moss, mold, or lichen that has started to grow, this may mean that the shingles underneath are starting to become rotten and may need to be replaced. If you find shingles that are missing, curling or breaking, call your roof contractor for a professional inspection who can help with maintenance too.

Roof Repair or Replace?

Winter can take a toll on your roof and after the initial spring inspection, knowing whether or not to replace or just repair your roof is essential. If there are areas on your roof where it is sagging, and there are signs of water damage or even outside light is showing through, it will be necessary for you to replace your roof. However, if there is only some algae or lichen growing, or if there are torn shingles present, what is needed may only be a roof repair.

Spring Cleaning

With the expected Spring rainfall, you need to make sure that your gutters are flowing nicely. With gloves on, remove all clogs and any material that could be stopping water from moving through. Cleaning your gutters can prevent water damage to your siding and also prevent damage under your shingles.

Tidy Up

Plant flowers and maybe even start a vegetable garden this spring! It will bring beautiful color to the exterior of your home and you will be starting the warmer months off with some joy. By hanging flowers by baskets and setting out large pots of flowers strategically, this can help showcase the outside of your home.

For help with your roof repair or replacement and gutter repair needs, contact our team at Perfection Roofing, serving Tulsa and the surrounding region.

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