A simple and fast way to spruce up the tired, faded, dirty rooftop surface of your commercial property is with a sprayed on or brush-applied roof coating. This quick, expedient process not only visibly improves your roof, it preserves it. Water infiltration is stopped; years of useful life can be added. All you need is the right roof coating.


A spray-applied roof coating is not a bandage, so the roof itself must be in structurally sound condition. Preparation for roof coating work begins with a visual inspection and necessary repairs to mend small tears, loose flashing, or open seams. Then the spray coating is applied evenly and carefully, to seal and protect the existing roofing material.

If your roof is of advanced age (either by chronology or neglect), a roof coating can extend the life of a degrading roof but is not a substitute for roof replacement. The roof coating can give you a few years to plan a capital investment like tear-off and full replacement.

Visually Stunning

A major benefit of a beautiful new roof coating is the visually stunning transformation it can make in your commercial property. Especially if you have a low-lying building amid taller structures, your roof shouts your company name to all who see it. You can boost your company’s public relations profile with the simple application of a brightly colored roof coating.

Environmentally Friendly

A key aspect of opting for a brush-applied or sprayed roof coatings is the huge impact it has environmentally. To begin, it increases heat reflectance, reducing the heat island effect so damaging to urban areas. It also lowers your building’s cooling costs.

Another benefit is the reduction in landfill waste by postponing tear-off and replacement. While some roofing materials can be recycled, a lot of the waste goes into landfills. Putting off the tear-off and new roof by just a few years can help the environment.

Professional Grade

While your facilities crew can help prepare for the roof coating to be applied, leave the actual application to professional roofers. Roof coatings have requirements, including surface and air temperature, even application, drying time, and other manufacturer’s recommendations. Most facilities crews lack the training and experience to apply coatings correctly.

To partner with an Oklahoma roofing professional, contact us at Perfection Roofing Inc to arrange an appointment for our representative to examine your commercial roof and advise on the appropriate roof coating.