sm_torn_cracked_brokenHere at Perfection Roofing, we understand that the roof is essential to the protection of your home. It’s why we take roof repair in Bixby so seriously. Not only will we repair any issues with your roof after we diagnose what those issues are, we will do our very best to ensure that you will not need to pay for additional roof repair in Bixby. Not only do we strive to provide the best possible repair service available along with the best customer service in the area, at Perfection Roofing, we also strive to make sure your roof will be able to protect you and your family to its full capacity. That’s important, especially in the state of Oklahoma, which, as we all know, endures some pretty harsh storms throughout the year.

Why You Might Need Roof Repair in Bixby

There are a number of signs that mean your roof needs to be repaired or even replaced. The following are a few of the signs that you should be on the lookout for:

    • Wind Damage – Oklahoma is known for its high-speed winds, which means that your roof could experience wind damage at some point. In fact, extremely severe winds can even blow entire shingles off of your roof. Missing shingles should not be ignored since they can lead to large leaks that could cause structural damage as well as damage to your belongings inside. Another sign of wind damage is if the granules on your shingles have worn off.


    • Hail Damage – When hail occurs, it’s difficult not to notice. If the area endures a hail storm, you should have one of Perfection Roofing’s contractors come out to inspect your roof for potential damage. Signs of hail damage are usually pretty visible – you will be able to see dents in things around the neighborhood, from cars to signs. Odds are, if this has occurred, some of your shingles may have been damaged as well. You will be able to tell by seeing a small round divot on the edge of your shingles or indentations in the shingles where their granules are missing.


    • Falling debris – Strong winds can cause debris to fall onto your roof, which could lead to cracked or missing shingles.


If you’ve experienced severe weather in Bixby, or notice issues with your roof, then you will want to invest in roof repair in Bixby immediately to avoid further roof problems.  Contact Perfection Roofing, Inc., for a free inspection of your roof.
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