When your Tulsa-area home has twice the roofing it needs, it is twice as much that’s worth almost nothing. Roofing over an existing fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof is nearly invisible. It saves time and money for someone — the previous homeowner who needed a “new” roof to sell the house, or a slapdash roofing contractor; it does not save you, the current owner, anything — but it is a bad idea. It is one of three secret signs of roof damage the average Tulsa-area homeowner will not know to look for, but a good contractor will spot quickly.


Slapping a new fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof over an existing one certainly does save time and money. The contractor has no need to remove the old shingles, pull up the underlayment, and check the sheathing. The contractor will not have to pay for cartage and landfill fees for disposing of the old roof.

Yet consider the twice-covered sheathing. Nobody inspected it to ensure it was not rotten, splintered, or covered in black mold. You need to consider the underlayment, or ice and water shield as well as how quickly the new shingles will transfer to the shape of the old shingle pattern beneath them.


Unless you somehow held onto an original shingle from the last time your home was roofed, you will never notice the ultraviolet damage that takes place over years. Your home’s shingles will fade under sunlight. More than simply lose their color, they will give up valuable chemicals in the shingles that make them flexible and water repellent.

Fading is natural and generally does not directly lead to damage. It is a subtle indicator, though, of your roof’s age. The older a shingle roof, the more likely it is to fail. Fading and loss of chemical components in the shingles are secret signs that roof damage is right around the corner.


The opposite of fading is a dark color change. This happens when enough granules wash away causing the asphalt layer they were embedded into to be exposed and visible. Loss of granules means your shingles are aged out. Exposure of the asphalt layer means the shingles are no longer water repellent. Both are signs of roof damage.

At Perfection Roofing we are experts at spotting the obvious, subtle and even secret signs of roof damage. Avoid climbing on your roof; contact us today to arrange a thorough inspection of your Tulsa-area home’s roof.

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