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Safe Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are usually the domain of professional roofers and home inspection services. Tulsa homeowners or business owners, however, who suspect roofing problems can do an initial inspection themselves. To avoid injury or further damage to your roof while completing a roof inspection, begin by following a few safe steps:

Roof inspections can be completed in a three-step processes:

  1. From inside the structure
  2. From a ladder
  3. By walking on the roof itself

Step One:

Check your roof from inside the structure. Go to the highest level of your home or business and look for:

  • Peeling ceiling paint – this can be a precursor to serious water damage
  • Dark stains on ceilings – may signal leaks
  • Water stains on the outside of vertical pipes leading to the roof – these may show water running down from damaged flashing or boots


Step Two:

For the second stage of the inspection, take an extension ladder outside. Increase your safety awareness with these precautions:

  • Wear work boots or sneakers with plenty of traction
  • Make sure you know how to extend and set your ladder
  • Have a friend or family member secure the bottom of the ladder
  • Do not climb above the rung marked with a safety sticker
  • Keep both hands gripping the ladder’s sides


Step Three:

Lastly, if you feel comfortable and the roof of your Tulsa home or business has a gentle slope, you may decide to climb onto your roof.

  • Make certain the roof is dry and the weather calls for low winds
  • Wear boots or firmly gripping sneakers
  • Move slowly, testing your steps in case the roof has unexpected rot or dislodged (slippery) shingles
  • Consider anchoring yourself to a chimney or sturdy roof projection using a harness or fall protection equipment
  • Have a companion on the ground to keep an eye on you


Not sure what to look for?

You may be completely unfamiliar with the roof of your Tulsa-area home or business – would you recognize damage when you see it? If you have minimal or no experience with assessing a roof’s condition, do not be disheartened!  Professional roofing contractors, such as Perfection Roofing, are able and willing to give you a hand and give your roof a once-over for sustained damage. Some of the benefits of using a professional roofer are that they:

  • Have experience, the right equipment, and proper safety training
  • Can avoid inflicting further damage while conducting roof inspections
  • Carry insurance, protecting you from liability
  • Can differentiate between emergencies, incipient problems, or cosmetic issues

At Perfection Roofing, our roofers have the training and experience to take care of your structure; and as Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractors, they know exactly what to look for during roof inspections.

Contact Perfection Roofing today to schedule a free roof inspection for your Tulsa home.

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