If exceptional roofing materials safeguard your home, exceptional living is the natural byproduct. What do you need to feel safe and secure? Every year close to 5 million roofs get replaced. Homeowners pay around thousands of dollars for a roof replacement. How can you keep your roof from becoming one of those costly stats? Choose strong roofing materials to help ensure your home’s future is bright. Your wallet will thank you, too!

So let’s nail the best materials in place. What roofing materials check all the proverbial boxes for conscientious homeowners? It’s time to do some comparison shopping!

Which of the Six are “Most Impressive?”

There are many different roof materials available on the market. Not all are as affordable or last the same length of time. Which of these materials offer your home the best leak-proof solution? Which makes sense for your home? Inclement weather happens; how do you prepare? Choose the best material for your peace of mind. Here are six types used to protect roofs:

  • Clay/Concrete Tiles
  • Laminated Asphalt
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Synthetics
  • Wood or Shake

6. Clay or Concrete Tile

Clay and concrete tiles bring aesthetic appeal to roof lines. Homeowners who use clay or concrete tiles appreciate their longevity. How long they last is dependent on the climate they are installed in. What stops owners from installing tile materials is the high cost of installation. The level of difficulty involved in installation requires seasoned professionals.

Clay and concrete are weighty materials. If your roof isn’t structured to carry the load it’s not advised to use clay or concrete. One square of clay or concrete tile can weigh close to 1,000 pounds. For some perspective, an asphalt square on average weighs 225 to 325 pounds. Clay and concrete become brittle over time. They can break if walked on or harmed by falling debris like trees or branches. Clay or concrete tiles only work on high pitched roofs.

5. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs of aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel are fire-resistant and are very durable. They aren’t–simple fixes or add-on friendly. If any part of your metal roof needs replacement, the process gets expensive. Color matching isn’t easy. Metal roofs are more costly than most other roofing material types.

4. Slate

Slate tiles hold a natural beauty. They also boast a long lifespan — barring various scenarios. Slate roofs can suffer damage if:

  • they are walked on.
  • heavy objects fall on them.
  • they aren’t installed by experienced professionals.

If any of the slate tiles suffer damage, repairs get expensive. Slate tiles come in lots. This makes it impossible to find the perfect slate tile match for missing or damaged pieces.

3. Synthetic Tile

Synthetic tiles or shingles are impact resistant. Their plastic material imitates clay, slate or cedar shake tiles. Some roofers consider synthetics as an affordable alternative to clay and slate. They imitate but don’t emulate the durability of tile treatments. Asphalt shingles are more affordable and share the same lifespan with synthetic tiles.

2. Wood/Shake Tiles

Wood tiles are beautiful, appealing and–high-maintenance. They are more expensive than the easier to install asphalt alternative. How is your climate? Humidity wears away at wood tiles. So do insects. What wood-loving pests are popular in your area? These wood eaters wreak havoc on wood tiles:

  • Wood borers
  • Termites
  • Carpenter bees
  • Powder post beetles
  • Woodpeckers

If any of these pests are common in your area it might be less expensive to find an alternative to wood shingles. Beauty is fleeting, durability is key. You can shield your home from uninvited guests by using the right materials to keep them away.

1. Asphalt Shingles

In rain or snow, fire, sleet, pest or tornado, asphalt shingles are what most Oklahoma locals install on their roofs. Unlike other roofing materials–asphalt shingles can withstand fires, roof walkers, pests and pervasive branches. Their lightweight design ensures your home’s structure isn’t compromised.

Customization is important to homeowners who like to celebrate their unique style. Asphalt shingles have many color options available for fashion-forward residents. Are you worried about replacement costs? Asphalt shingle materials are among the easiest and most affordable to install.

Versatile and Proven Durability

As a homeowner, you should feel confident in the durability of your roof. Asphalt shingles are recyclable, easy-to-replace, versatile, and exude practicality. You want your roof shielded from every tempestuous storm. It is possible! You can preserve your home’s longevity by utilizing superior roofing materials. Connect with the roofing specialists at Perfection Roofing today! We are here to help you keep your home secure and your roof from expensive early replacement!