10bIn order to provide protection for your home, your roof should not only be structurally sound, but contain the right ventilation. Proper ventilation is especially important here in the Tulsa area, as it allows your house to breathe, preventing damage to your home that might arise due to heat build up, high humidity, or excessive winds.


When a roof isn’t properly ventilated, heat from the sun can build up inside your attic, thereby causing wood to become dry and cracked. As a result, this can reduce the lifespan of your roof significantly. In addition, roofs that are not properly ventilated will allow heat from the sun to enter your living area, thereby increasing the amount of energy that’s needed to cool your home.


You generate moisture whenever you perform everyday activities such as cooking, showering and drying clothes. This moisture must have a way to escape your home; otherwise, it can build up inside your attic and cause damage to your ceilings and rafters. Not only that, but it also increases the odds that mold will grow inside your home as well.
If you regularly store things in your attic, they could become damaged rather easily if you do not have the right roof ventilation. That’s because heat and moisture are likely to build up in your attic, which in turn could harm some of the items stored there. Not only that, but the fact that it is so hot up there can make retrieving things unbearable, even during the winter months.

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The exact formula for calculating the amount of roof ventilation needed can be rather complex, which is why it is best left to a professional. Not only that, but improperly installed ridge vents may not provide you with the benefits you need in order to maintain the structural integrity of your roof and attic. Rather than struggling with this issue yourself, contact Perfection Roofing for an estimate. They proudly serve customers in and around the Tulsa area, to include Broken Arrow, Owasso, Chickasaw, Wagoner and Pryer, and would welcome the opportunity to make you a satisfied customer.

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