roof repair in broken arrowMany in Broken Arrow love birds, and spend a lot of money buying bird seed, specialty feeders, and nesting houses to attract them. Unfortunately, some of the birds decide that our buildings are theirs, and build nests on our roofs and in our gutters. So, what do you do? Can you remove the bird’s nest?

Perfection Roofing has the answers for you, and also for any questions you may have about roof repair in Broken Arrow.

The answers depend on what type of bird has built the nest. If they are a native species, then the answer is no as it is illegal to remove the nest of a native bird while they are still in it. If they are a non-native species, you can remove the nest.

Non-Native Birds

The most common non-native birds are House Sparrows and European Starlings both of which, along with other non-native species, need very little space to nest.  They love vents, gutters, and any small openings they can find. Covering these openings with boards, bird netting, and other physical blockades would be very helpful.

If you have a non-native species, then feel free to remove the nest as they are not protected and you may legally remove them from your building or home at any time.

Native Birds

The most common native birds are:

  • House Finches — hanging plants are often a preferred nesting spot
  • Mourning Doves and American Robins — prefer to nest on ledges
  • Carolina Wrens — like to nest in mailboxes, shoes, and buckets, if given the chance
  • Barn Swallows —like nesting on porches and over doors


Native species are protected so their nests can not be legally destroyed, or even moved.  So, once they have built their nest, it is best to leave them alone until they abandon it. On average, the time between laying the eggs and when the birds leave the nest is about a month. Once the nest is abandoned, you can then remove it and clean the area thoroughly with a good disinfectant.

Creating Nesting Areas

One of the best ways to deal with nesting birds is to prevent and discourage them from setting up housekeeping in the first place by blocking access to areas you don’t want them. But, some people want to encourage native species to nest on their homes. An easy way to do this is to build nesting boxes and ledges to attract them and encourage them to nest in spots you set up.

If you notice any damage to your roof after the nest has been removed that would require roof repair in Broken Arrow, Perfection Roofing will gladly come to your home and repair the damage. It is always best to take care of these things as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.

For the best roof repair in Broken Arrow, contact Perfection Roofing. We are a family-owned and -operated business known for our integrity, service, and workmanship.

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