Your search for a reliable roofing contractor can take you to the state licensing board, to neighbors’ homes, and to offices of major roofers in the Tulsa area. You know you want a reliable roofing contractor; how do you go about finding one?

State Credentials

Your first stop in finding someone who is local, reliable and worthy of your business is the state licensing board. Using the state’s Construction Industries Board lookup feature, you can verify your prospective residential roofer’s credentials for Oklahoma. Perfection Roofing, Inc. holds license #80000100 through September 30, 2018, for example. Without that license, you have no way to protect yourself from a roofer
taking your money and leaving the state.

In addition to the license, ask for proof of workers’ compensation insurance and liability coverage. This legally keeps your house out of the hands of a worker hurt on the job while on your property.

Three Is Better Than One

When looking for a reliable roofing contractor, give yourself the opportunity to meet more than one roofer. Seek at least three bids (more if the job is really big), and ask for estimates in writing. These estimates should include a fairly specific job description, not simply “reshingle roof.” The quality of the materials should be noted, so you know you are getting a leading national brand, like Owens Corning.

To find the reliable roofing contractor that is still affordable, be sure you are comparing similar jobs. If one bids using architectural shingles with a 25-year warranty and the other uses the baseline shingle with a 10-year warranty, you have no way to compare the prices. If the three bids are for the same materials, opt for the mid-range or high bid; those vendors have probably incorporated more detail and demonstrate more experience than the lowest bidder, whose work may not be thorough.


Online reviews and galleries of completed work are two ways to find that reliable roofer. If possible, get the address of a recently completed job so you can drive to see the quality of the roofer’s work yourself.

When you enlist Perfection Roofing, Inc. as one of the bidders on your residential roofing project, you not only get a reliable roofing contractor, you get one of the best roofers in the Tulsa area. Contact us today to see how we stack up against those other bidders — we think we’ll be better!

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