3 Qualities to Beware in a Commercial Roofer!


Reputation is won through hard work and lost through carelessness. Here are three qualities to watch for that point to less than professional Oklahoma commercial roofers.

No Paperwork

Allow us to present you with a number: 80000100. That is Perfection Roofing Inc.’s Roofing Contractors registration number, with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. Not every contractor can show you that.


Ask a prospective roofer to show you evidence of licensing and insurance. Perfection Roofing Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured. We protect our customers as much as we protect ourselves.

Insurance, for example, keeps liability off of you, our client, and on us. If one of our workers gets injured on your roof, that is not your concern. If a car owned by one of your business’s customers has a bucket of roof sealant fall on it while we are working, that is our problem to solve, not yours, and not the customer’s. We protect everyone on every job.

Warranty, Schwarranty

Most manufacturers warrant their product; most Oklahoma commercial roofers offer labor warranties, too. Ask prospective roofers specific questions about warranties:

  • What manufacturers’ warranties do you commonly offer?
  • What duration of warranties can you offer (these will typically be five, 10 and 20-year warranties)
  • Do you, or your manufacturer, offer installation warranties?
  • How many warranty claims has your company handled in the past year?


A commercial roofer who talks down warranties is covering up something, and it isn’t an open roof seam, if you get our drift.

Show Me the Money

Beware a commercial roofer who has such a cash flow problem that the roofer asks for more than around 15 percent of the job cost up front. This can mean several things:

  • No bank will provide a revolving credit line to the roofer
  • The roofer plans to take the down payment and not do the job
  • The roofer owes vendors money and cannot afford materials for your job


Successful Oklahoma commercial roofers should have the financial planning skills to handle ebbs and flows in business.


Perfection Roofing Inc. strives to be your best roofer. We have fixed the bad roofing work of other contractors. We have heard customers’ stories. We take pride in our industry and our own work, so please contact us today so we can restore your faith in Oklahoma commercial roofers. You will only see signs of good roofing at Perfection Roofing Inc.

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