Scientific studies and medical test results are “reliable” when, in the words of Merriam Webster, they are “giving the same result on successive trials.” A reliable roofing contractor can also be defined by that standard. Every project, every repair, is produced with the same high quality and to the customer’s satisfaction. As much as you want to have a reliable roofing company, though, you also want to be the kind of customer who attracts one. Consider these three tips for attracting a reliable roofing contractor in the Tulsa area.

Keep Up

Do not concern yourself with keeping up with your neighbors. Just because they get their driveway asphalt imprinted does not mean you must. But do keep up with regular roofing maintenance. A reliable roofing contractor wants the company’s crew to work on a reliable roof, one that is safe and has had years of upkeep. Consider annual inspections and routine repairs. This has two benefits:

  1. You keep your Tulsa-area home’s roof in excellent shape
  2. You find that reliable roofing contractor, whose excellent work quality shows in small jobs and annual inspections

Listen Up

You can ferret out a good roofer by listening both before and after your contract for services:

  • Listen to neighbors, business connections, and industry organizations to learn who is leading the way in the local residential roofing scene; this gives you a pipeline to a superior, local roofer for your next major project, like reroofing your home
  • Listen to your roofer when the site manager reports that sheathing needs replacing, or you would be better served with water and ice shield instead of tar paper underlayment; a good contractor is not trying constantly to upsell you but to protect your home

Save Up

To attract a reliable roofing contractor, be a reliable customer. Pay your bills on time. Save up for that big roofing job. Have excellent credit so you can garner the best financing terms. Just as you search for a good roofer, the roofer searches for a good customer, and at some point, an in-demand roofer will run a credit check on you. Make sure your credentials are sterling, so you can have leverage on pricing, financing terms, and schedule.

Begin your search for a local, trusted, reliable roofing contractor by contacting us at Perfection Roofing Inc. We are family owned and operated since 1979, and have a long history of reliability and integrity.

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