sm_blown_off_capWind damage is one of the leading causes of roofing concerns for residents in Bixby. While this type of damage can include damage caused by things being blown down during windy conditions, it most commonly refers to damage that is caused solely by the power of wind.

The Power of Wind

Can wind really be that devastating? Yes, it can, especially if your roof work has not been done correctly. Wind damage is usually directly related to the first line of shingles at the eaves. If those shingles are not laid correctly or had previous damage that was neglected, the entire roof can be compromised. The power of wind can be surprisingly strong during storms and in high wind areas. If the wind gets under that first row of shingles, it will loosen them. When this happens, the shingles can be torn off and, once that first row is gone, all the other shingles are weakened and exposed to the fierce power of the wind!

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

It is of the utmost important that homeowners do not neglect their roofs. You should inspect it for signs of wear or damage regularly and maintain your roof so it is always in good shape. Need some expert advice on the condition of your roof? Let Perfection Roofing help you keep your roof maintained and you and your family safe and comfortable. Whatever your needs are, we are ready to fix any damage or issues that exist with your roof.

Quality Products and Services

IMG_3102 (Copy)Homeowners in the Bixby area need quality products and services to make sure they have a secure well-built roof when it matters most. If you live in areas that are prone to heavy storms, or if high winds are a common everyday occurrence where you live, then you need the best roofing products you can get.

Wind can cause major damage. As a Bixby homeowner, you need a name you can trust, and Perfection is that name! We are ready and able to help you with any roofing repair work, big and small.

Perfection Roofing’s name has been trusted for years as the best roof repair service in the area. Contact Perfection Roofing and see for yourself what sets us apart from the competition and discover the difference we can make in your home.

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