ImageUrl_1233590606_7525 (1)The average rainfall in Tulsa, Oklahoma is over forty inches per year. Without properly installed gutters, this much water can cause a lot of damage to your house. The foundation can be weakened and water can also start seeping behind the siding on your house. This can cause mold to begin forming out of sight which can cause serious health problems. When installed correctly, the water will drain away from the house and into the sewer system.


A lot of houses in Tulsa are not maintained like they should be. If you want your house to stay in shape for many years, a maintenance program needs to be done on a yearly basis with the gutter system needing to be cleaned at least twice a year. If it is not kept cleaned out, water will overflow rendering the gutters useless. One good time for cleaning is in the Fall after the leaves have shed their leaves. Another is in the Spring before the rainy season starts.

Installing screen covers can help alleviate the problem of clogs, however some types of covers can also become plugged so they will still need to be checked.


After cleaning the gutters and downspouts, it is good to do an inspection of them. Some things to do or check for are:

  • Check that the water is flowing correctly. If it just sits there, make adjustments to remove high or low spots. Minor adjustments will help water to flow properly.
  • Check for holes, dents or missing seam sealer.
  • Check for loose or bent hangers or spikes.
  • Check for loose connections or damage to the downspout.
  • Make sure the downspout splashguards aren’t sunk into the ground and also are free of leaves or twigs so that the water flows away from the foundation properly.


Installing Gutters

ImageUrl_1264114944_5656 (1)The amount of rainfall that comes off of a roof will astonish most people. Hundreds of gallons can fall from just one rain storm.

Perfection Roofing can install a guttering system on your house in Tulsa that will help save your house from water damage. Downspouts will be installed that will route the water away from the house. We will also fit the correct size guttering for your roof pitch which will keep the water where it should be, in your gutter system

Your home is a big investment and gutters will help keep it free from damage. If you need new gutters installed on your Tulsa home or your current system needs to be inspected or repaired, contact Perfection Roofing.

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