In Oklahoma City, spring storms that consist of high winds or even tornadoes can be a stressful concern with homeowners. There are certain precautions every homeowner can make to protect their home from the disasters that are still apt to make an appearance in the season. Roof repair, roof inspection, and routine safety measures can keep the process flowing smoothly.

Roof Inspection

Confirm that your roof is in good condition so that when a storm approaches, you can rest easy knowing your roof is safe from harmful storms. Call and schedule a roof inspection with your local roof contractor before it’s too late! If they see any repairs that need to be completed, they can fix them and have your roof standing sturdy against the weather.

Roof Repair

To make sure that your roof is performing to it’s highest potential, have everything that needs to be fixed, fixed immediately! Roof repair is a major issue when considering your home’s well-being during the storm season in the Sooner State.

If the flashing is cracked, leaks could be provoked by a heavy rainstorm. Rather, if the harsh winds are screaming from above, shingles can be easily removed by the high wind speeds. Secure your roof by scheduling it to be repaired by a preferred contractor, such as Perfection Roofing.

Trim Trees

For the reason that storms may occur, trim trees branches, and fasten down any materials that could be uprooted and be propelled into your home. Store patio furniture and pool toys away so they won’t be lost in the midst of a high-pressured wind storm. A large tree limb from a dead tree could effortlessly be swept up by a heavy gust of wind, and thrown into your home’s siding, or even a window. To prevent this from happening, cut down dead trees, along with hefty tree limbs, fasten down patio furniture, and any other materials from your yard that could be a hazard to the exterior of your home.

Check the Sump Pump

If your home has a basement, you should definitely have a sump pump to protect you from a devastating flood. The purpose of a sump pump is to move water that collects in your basement, and bring it to a safe spot where the water will not be problematic anymore. Be sure that your sump pump is flowing correctly, and is clean. Consider investing in a battery-powered sump pump or generator just in case the power happens to go out during the storm.

Contact Perfection Roofing to schedule a roof inspection for the spring season and to protect you from the storms that come along with it.

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