Perfection Owens Platinum ContractorAfter you and your roofing contractor have selected the best shingle design and color for your Tulsa-area home’s roof replacement, you need to give some thought to the warranty. A roof protects your home, and a warranty protects your roof. An Owens Corning warranty protects your investment for a lifetime.

Warranties are Not Created Equal

A manufacturer will only offer its strongest warranties to a very select list of contractors, because some contractors are consistently better than others. The manufacturer cannot afford to risk losing money on claims for installations performed by unreliable roofers. Weaker warranties (risking less of a company’s money) go to the weaker contractors.

Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

For the most comprehensive protection for your new roof, select a product, a warranty and a contractor that all work as a system. Owens Corning manufactures asphalt-fiberglass shingles that are durable, beautiful and well-engineered. The company screens certain roofing contractors to ensure they are worthy of its product. Then the Owens Corning warranty program offers several levels of protection. Only roofers identified as Platinum Preferred Contractors can offer the best warranty.

Exclusive Warranties

Two Owens Corning warranty levels are available to anyone installing their products. They offer bare-bones protection. To access the exclusive warranties and their fuller coverage, you need an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor:

  • Roofing Protection System Warranty—This is the basic level of Owens Corning warranty available only to the manufacturer’s Roofing Preferred Contractor Network. This provides up to 50 years non-prorated protection.
  • Preferred Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty—This is a notch about the entry level warranty, providing upgraded system warranty protection. It provides up to 50 years of non-proration and 10 years of workmanship. This better Owens Corning warranty is only available to members of the company’s Roofing Preferred Contractor Network.
  • Platinum Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty—You can find no better roofing warranty than this. It provides complete warranty coverage for the shingles and and a required number of accessory products; provides up to 50 years of non-proration in addition to a lifetime of workmanship protection. This means you are protected if your roof is found to have an application error; Owens Corning will arrange the repair for the lifetime of your home. This warranty is exclusively available to our Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractors.

To provide the best coverage—over your family and for your new Tulsa-area home’s roof—contact Perfection Roofing, your Oklahoma Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor.

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