These days many homeowners are on a tight budget and find it hard to fix issues right away. But a safe, durable roof over your head should still be considered a top priority. Here are roofing issues to look for as soon as possible to determine if you need a roof repair or replacement.

Curled, cracked, or absent shingles

Many times damaged shingles can be a sign of a bigger problem which requires inspection. Shingles start off nailed down, so it takes strong winds for them to come undone.

Dark, dirty, or even wet shingles

Humidity can cause dark streaks on shingles, which reduce their aesthetic quality. Dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and debris can also contribute to this problem. If shingles retain moisture too long they may weaken and start to rot.

Lots of shingle granules in gutters

Mineral granules on asphalt shingles are a protective coating. When you start to see a significant loss of these granules, it means your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan. Granule loss is often due to wear and tear from weather.

Wear and tear around roof objects and openings

Roofing components such as chimneys, HVAC devices, and flashings must be maintained as well. Worn materials near these items can cause leaks. They must be repaired right away to avoid the spread of damage.

Blistering or peeling exterior paint

When the top layer of paint starts blistering or peeling, it can remove deeper layers. Blistering usually takes several months to be noticeable. Sometimes it’s due to heat and other times water seeping through an interior wall to the outside.

Leaks in the attic after a rainstorm

Address any water or air leak immediately, particularly if water is entering the attic. Moisture leads to the spread of mold and mildew, presenting health risks.  

Sagging roof deck

Various factors cause sagging roof decks. Improper framing is one. Rotten or saturated sheathing is a result. Water seeping through shingles causes wood to warp or rot.

If you notice any of these warning signs call a licensed, bonded, and insured roofer to inspect your roof. Contact us at Perfection Roofing Inc. at (918) 665-6747 to schedule a free roof inspection. Our family business has served Oklahoma since 1979. We proudly support the community and strive to provide superior roofing services.