Repairing your shingle roof ensures your roof lasts as long as it should while remaining efficient. To help you get ready for your shingle roof repair, below are three things that could go wrong and how to prepare or prevent them.

1. Accidents and Property Damage

A shingle roof repair will typically involve removal of old and damaged shingles. These shingles may fall and hurt your family members or anyone in the vicinity. Since all roofing projects are dangerous undertakings, accidents may also occur with the workmen slipping and falling.

To ensure no one gets hurt keep everyone, including the pets, out of the way. Also, mark or cover any valuable outdoor items like potted plants that may suffer damage. Since new shingles need to be nailed down, the vibrations may cause wall hangings to fall and break. Remove wall hangings ahead of time. 

2. Improper Installation

Your shingle roof repairs should be done correctly, otherwise, your roof’s functionality will be jeopardized. However, things may not go as planned. Your roofer may make common mistakes like misaligning shingles, not using underlayment before installing the shingles or using mismatching shingles.

Luckily, you can prevent this by doing due diligence and choosing a professional roofer with the right experience, certifications, and a proven track record. In case of improper installation, endeavor to solve the issue amicably with the contractor and make use of their warranty. Suing may only result in a lengthy court battle that may cost you both time and money.

3. Weather Changes

While you may have control over who you hire and the types of shingles to use on your roof, the weather is not predictable. Rain will not only damage the exposed parts of your roof but also impair the installation of new shingles since shingles don’t adhere well to wet surfaces.

Your roofer will schedule the repairs for when it is least likely to rain, but the unexpected may happen. In case it rains, be prepared for a discontinuation of the repairs until the weather gets better. This calls for patience as there is nothing much you can do about nature. You can avoid most of the issues which could occur by partnering with experts for your repairs. Contact Perfection Roofing today for quality shingle roof repairs on your Tulsa home.