When you’re landscaping around your home, you may not even consider that your plans to beautify your property could potentially harm the roof, since it’s up high and out of sight.
Here’s some advice from experienced roofers in Tulsa on how to avoid landscaping-related roof destruction:

Take Care With Climbing Vines

If your goal is to have flowering vines covering the side of your home, be sure to choose a variety that doesn’t have clinging, invasive roots that can cause significant damage that’s hard to spot behind the plant’s lush leaves. Any type of vine should be trained on a trellis or arbor, and trimmed back regularly so it doesn’t reach the roofline where it can uplift shingles and cause leaks.

Factor In Full-Grown Height For Trees

Trees are a landscaping staple that add warmth to a home’s aesthetic and cool shade from the summer sun. When you’re selecting trees to plant around your home, keep their full-grown height in mind, and site them far enough away so they don’t create problems on your roof in the years to come.

Keep Existing Trees Trimmed

If there are existing tall trees close to your home, stay on alert for long branches that touch the roof and scratch and gouge the shingles, or overhanging limbs that can easily break during a storm and put a hole in your roof. If you’re concerned about tree limbs that are getting too close, have an arborist trim them back.

Don’t Let Moss Grow

Moss isn’t something you choose to let grow on your roof, but if it gains a foothold, this thirsty plant can loosen and lift your shingles. Once the roots are underneath, they’ll draw in water that can erode the sheathing and leak into the attic. Moss growth should be dealt with by a professional who knows how to remove it safely without causing further harm.

Keep Your Gutters Debris-Free

Windblown leaves and other tree debris can easily land in your gutters and clog them up. Once this occurs, backed up and overflowing rainwater can decay your roof edge, seep under the shingles, deteriorate the decking and leak into your exterior walls and attic. You can prevent this by checking the state of your gutters frequently and having them cleaned out a couple of times a year.

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