Is Your Roofing Contractor Prepared for Storm Repairs?

Storm damage is just as inevitable as storms themselves, and you never know when storms will arrive or how hard they will hit. In the aftermath of a devastating storm, you need a roofing contractor that you can trust, and one that knows what they’re doing. There are many different kinds of storms that can affect your home, but how do you know your roofing contractor is prepared to deal with storm damage?

Storm Damage Prevention

When a seasonal storm is on its way, not many homeowners think about the physical state of their roof, and they shouldn’t if their roof has been protected properly. When you choose a local contractor it gives you the advantage of working with somebody who knows your area’s climate, what to expect with each season, and how to prepare your roof for the worst.

Wind Damage and Tornados

In the Tulsa area, wind damage is quite common, which is why it is essential for your roofing contractor to know how to handle the issues that commonly arise after strong winds have ripped through your neighborhood. As an experienced Oklahoma roofing contractor, we can help in the wake of a tornado, but will also use the proper materials to ensure your home is equipped with the right tools to make it last through a storm from the very beginning.

How to Prepare for Wind Storms at Home

Trim tree branches around your home. If you get rid of extra long branches and large branches that are starting to crowd the outside perimeter of your home, there will be less of a chance that a branch will be the cause of your roof damage. When a massive gust of wind comes blowing through, you won’t have to worry about that pesky branch falling onto your roof or going through one of your windows.

Look Around

Take a closer look at your roof! From the ground, use a pair of binoculars to look for shingles that may be loose, missing, or broken. If your shingles are faulty in any way, this will make them more susceptible to storms. Unreliable shingles will fly off easily, leaving your roof out in the open and exposed to all the elements, allowing more roof damage to occur.

Your roofing contractor should be knowledgeable about all types of weather that could affect your area, how it could affect your home, and how to fix the problems after the fact. Choose an experienced roofing contractor who has experience with our Oklahoma weather. Call the Perfection Roofing team to start your work with a local roofing company who knows how to protect your home and how to repair your home after seasonal storms of all kinds.

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