Is Your Attic Insulation Giving You its Best?

An attic that is well insulated literally puts a lid on your heating and cooling bill with savings of 20% or more on energy costs. Good attic insulation will hold in the heat during the winter and protect your air conditioning system during the summer. Attic insulation in Tulsa involves keeping as much of your attic space covered with insulation for comfort and energy efficiency.

An attic that is insulated properly will not allow heated air to escape through the roof. It will also stabilize the cooler air during the summer. At the same time, air is allowed to circulate through the attic to prevent the build-up of mold and fungus.


Energy Star, part of the Department of Energy program to conserve power usage, measures insulation with R-values for heat and cool air retention. The R-value refers to the thermal resistance of the insulating material. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.

An R-value of 38 to 60 is recommended for attic insulation in Tulsa and surrounding communities. The insulating material should cover 13 to 20 inches above the attic floor. This will cover most of the joist work supports and beams in a pitched roof attic. Soffit areas and vents remain uncovered.


Spring time is good for an attic inspection. Perfection Roofing Inc. will give you a free roofing inspection to determine how well your insulation is working. Old insulation may need removing or it may be sufficient.

Each home is different with individual needs. We will help you analyze your utility bills and determine how much you will save with new attic insulation in Tulsa.


Atticat fiberglass insulation from Owens Corning is an example of effective insulation that is blown into attic space with special equipment. The average attic is professionally insulated within two to three hours, depending on the required density. There is no dust or residue.
Contact us at Perfection Roofing for an inspection and estimate of your attic insulation needs. Perfection Roofing, a family owned business, has provided attic insulation in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby and neighboring communities since 1979.

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