Your home is your biggest asset, so you want to see it increase in value over time. Making targeted improvements is a smart way to enhance your home’s value, and it lets you reap other benefits too, like greater comfort, lower energy bills, and a more enjoyable living environment. Here are four value-boosting strategies that can pay off over the short and long-term:

Improve Overall Efficiency

With today’s high heating and cooling costs, the value of improving house-wide efficiency can’t be overstated. There are lots of ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency, such as weatherizing the exterior envelope, adding more insulation, and replacing single-pane windows. Having your Tulsa roofing contractor assess the attic ventilation can help too because adequate intake and exhaust ventilation is essential to get rid of excess heat and moisture. If you have less than one square foot of ventilation per 300 square feet of attic space, follow your contractor’s recommendations for installing additional ridge and soffit vents.

Give Your Roof Some TLC

If you haven’t done so recently, have your roof inspected by a HAAG-certified Tulsa roofing contractor. A thorough inspection will reveal issues that need repair, and give you an approximate time frame for the roof’s remaining lifespan. If you decide to replace your roof in the near future, choose a high-quality material that adds to your home’s value, such as an Energy Star-rated architectural or multi-ply laminate shingle.

Look After Your Landscaping

According to the Appraisal Institute, maintaining your property’s landscaping so it’s on par with your neighbors can boost your home’s value, especially when you decide to sell. The Institute advises keeping the lawn, trees, and shrubs well-trimmed, maintaining the flower beds, and replacing overgrown plants every 5-10 years. It’s also recommended that you maintain and upgrade other outdoor elements like the driveway and walkways, patio/deck, fire-pit, pool decking and outdoor lighting as needed, so they always look attractive and well-kept.

Upgrade to Seamless Gutters

Replacing faulty gutters may not seem like it could increase your home’s value, but an effective gutter system protects against deterioration of your home’s roofing components, foundation/basement and cladding, and the surrounding landscaping. Professionally-installed, custom-fabricated seamless gutters are the most cost-effective option, since they’re durable, leak-resistant and can elevate the aesthetic of any style of home.

For help implementing strategies to increase your home’s value, contact us today at Perfection Roofing Inc., your dependable Tulsa roofing contractor.

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