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Tulsa’s beautiful skies have already opened up and brought us winter in all its glory—white snow, clear ice, and chilling temperatures. Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to consider preventative ways to keep your gutters clear and ice dams off your roof.

Ice Dams Waiting to Happen

Daytime Tulsa temperatures in winter can be just warm enough to melt that snow and ice on your roof. After a day of dripping gutters and icicles, the running water freezes and builds at the edge of your roof – especially atop debris-filled gutters.

After ice fills the gutters, the freshly melted water has nowhere to go.  Consequently, it finds its way into several unwanted places:

Beneath shingles – even moving several feet back up your roof

Your attic – a soggy, ice-dammed roof enables the water to seep into your attic

The Soffits – with the gutters blocked, melted runoff from your roof will drip down into the soffits. This quickly causes cracking and deterioration.

Your exterior walls – similar to the soffits, when the gutters do not properly direct runoff away from your home, the melting mess can creep down inside your exterior walls

Interior ceilings – the duty of a well-proofed exterior is to protect your home’s interior.  When the outside structure is inhibited by an ice dam, the runoff from your roof can find its way into your home, forming a drip on interior ceilings

A little water can do a surprisingly substantial amount of damage. The secret to preventing ice dams is to keep your gutters clear.

Preparation = a Better Option

Though your homeowner’s insurance may cover most damage caused by ice dams, taking some time to prevent the damage is a far better option:

Maintain Your Gutters—Perfection Roofing can provide your Tulsa home with seamless gutters that help prevent debris from clogging the downspouts. Water runs more freely through the system when no seams interrupt its flow.

Cover Your Gutters—Keep debris out of your gutters with Perfection Roofing’s gutter screens.

Chill Your Roof—We offer free insulation inspections. With winter’s winds are already blowing in, you can save on energy bills by having sufficient attic insulation. This will do a small part in preventing ice dams by ensuring that your interior heat is not the cause of a roof melt!

Remember: ice and snow melt off your roof when the roof’s temperature rises above freezing. If your attic is poorly insulated, escaping heat from inside your Tulsa home heats the attic air. This warm air heats up the underside of your roof, melting the snow. Not only have you wasted energy and money heating an unoccupied space, you have created the ideal ice dam environment.

Homes in the Tulsa area, can be serviced by Perfection Roofing. We can inspect your attic and gutter system, perform any necessary repairs or updates, and you can enjoy the benefits all winter long.

Contact Perfection Roofing today for an inspection of your gutters.

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