While a windstorm will remove shingles and the sun will fade them, ice is a far more subtle and insidious destroyer of your roof. Whether ice damage is introduced as ice, snow, or sleet, frozen water will melt and refreeze on the top of your house. As it does so, it will infiltrate any space where the melted water can flow. This cause several problems.

Problems at Roof Penetration Areas

First, the cycle of thawing and freezing will create gaps not only under your shingles but anywhere there is penetration of the roof. For this reason, it is essential to have your roof inspected semi-annually to seal any gaps that may have been created over the previous hot summer months. In particular, you or your roofing professional should check around exhaust vents, drains and skylights to ensure that they are properly sealed.

Collateral Water Damage

A second concern is collateral water damage. Once a gap or hole has been created, the ice may keep it sealed during the winter months but as it warms, water will be able to infiltrate your home and damage not just the roof but everything else from ceilings and walls to electrical and digital systems. The real solution here is to be proactive and not wait for the damage to become obvious. While a roof inspection may cost a little upfront, it will save you tremendous time, money and aggravation in the long run.

Understand the Power of Ice

Ice Damage on Power lines and TreesIn short, roof damage due to an ice storm can be immediate and dramatic if it breaks a window or tears loose a shingle but this is not usually the case. Instead, the prudent homeowner must understand the power of ice – it can and does break the hardest stone – and that unprotected wood is no match for it. Instead, a forward looking approach that keep the water out in the first place is the only way to go.

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