When making a large commitment such as planning a roof replacement with your roofing contractor, there are certain expectations from you and from your roofer. So when deciding to make the investment, make sure that both you and your Tulsa roofer are on the same page.

Be Friendly

Give your roofing contractor a heads up on schedule changes or warnings on areas of concern having to do with your roof. Keeping in contact and close communication throughout the process is essential. Make sure that you, the homeowner, meet everybody who will be working on your home. We want to give you the best experience as possible, so keep us informed on changes or updates you may have.

Ask Questions

We will always try to answer any questions pertinent to your roof and questions about our policies and procedures. Feel free to ask questions and inform us of any concerns, this allows us to create the best roofing experience for you the customer. Allowing us to serve you is our pleasure and creates the best long-term relationships!

The Process

Roofing crews like to get an early start on the job, so most likely they will be arriving as the sun rises.  In most cases, the job can be finished in one day. If the job cannot be finished in a single day, the project site will be secured, cleaned and ready for work the next day.


The roof installation process is going to be messy, but our crew cleans up all materials and scrap without any hassle to you at all. We maintain our professional reputation by treating you and your property with respect.

Finishing Up

When the task is fully completed, we will perform a walk through of the finished structure to confirm that you are fully satisfied with our work. Again, we will answer any questions that you have, and fix anything minor that you think should be done.

Contact us to schedule your next roof inspection for your roof replacement, followed by a thorough price and timeline estimate.

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