Whether you’ve lived in Tulsa for many years or you’ve recently moved to the area, you may likely have noticed the drastic changes in our weather patterns. Hing winds, rains, and hailstorms all bring with them plenty of severe roof damage. Hail damage, in particular, exhibits some unique characteristics since the damage is often subtle and less evident than wind damage. It can go unnoticed for several years which is why you need the services of an experienced roofing professional to identify and correct the damage.

How Hail Interacts with Your Roof

As hail hits your roof it can damage the shingles and other roofing materials. Hail can typically accelerate the loss of your shingles’ granules. The granules play an important role in blocking the sun’s UV rays from destroying the organic waterproofing materials in the shingles and give your shingles their aesthetic appearance. As shingles age, they will become brittle and shed more and more granules, especially if they constantly get impacted by hail.

Hail also leaves dark spots where the granules on your shingles have been knocked off, exposing the asphalt portion of the shingles. New hail hits are often glossy or shiny since the asphalt has been freshly exposed and has not yet been dulled by exposure to the elements. You might notice dents on the surface of metal vents or flashing.

How to Inspect Hail Damage on Your Roof

If your roof was recently exposed to a hailstorm, the first thing to check is your gutter system. Inspect your gutters for signs of possible roof damage. If you notice large dents or cracks on your gutters, you should promptly schedule an inspection with your roofing contractor.

Additionally, damaged granules can fall off the shingles and collect in your gutters, downspouts, and lawn. Older roofs are particularly more susceptible to hail damage. Over time, your shingles dry out, causing deterioration and shortening the life and integrity of your roof.

The damage may not be obviously visible to you, but it is to a roofer. So, if you have an older roof, always check your gutters and look for signs of damage soon after a hail storm. Additionally, hail damage can lead to missing shingles, dimpled shingles, or cracked shingles. Have a professional roofer inspect your roof and advise if you have adequate hail damage to justify emergency repairs or a new roof.

Potential Issues of Delayed Repairs

The decision to get your roof repaired or replaced immediately depends on several factors. Depending on the size of the hail, the impact may not cause an immediate threat of leaking. However, that doesn’t mean the shingles are not damaged. After a hailstorm goes through your area, if you see other signs of damage, you should get your roof inspected as soon as possible by a professional roofing contractor. Reputable local roofing professionals will offer a free assessment. If there appears to be some damage caused by the storm, they’ll offer a free estimate on what it will cost to fix the damage.

If the damage is severe, you may need to have your roof replaced as soon as possible. If the damage is minor, your roofer may recommend repairs to restore the integrity of your roof. 

The Role of Your Homeowner’s Insurance 

As soon as you know you have hail damage, contact your insurance company to file a claim. Your roofing contractor should be able to provide the information you need for the claim process. It is in your best interest (and your insurer’s) to repair any damage in a timely manner to avoid more costly damages down the line.

Waiting too long to report a hail claim could cause your insurance company to deny the claim. So, be prompt with your filing and keep the paper trail of any repairs you may have made on the roof. Here is where your roofer will play a vital role by keeping records of all the estimates, invoices, and receipts for payments made.

Get Help to Right the Hail Damage!

Has your home recently experienced damage from a hail storm? If so, Perfection Roofing in Tulsa would be honored to walk with you through the process of inspection, filing the insurance claim, meeting with your insurance adjuster, and fixing the damage. Whether you are paying out of pocket or receive insurance money, our trained professionals are here to help. We go out of our way to provide high-quality roof repairs to help prevent future problems. We will also do everything we can to meet your emergency roofing needs throughout the Tulsa area. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our roofing services!