Is it time to call a roof repair contractor? Spotting damage to your roof isn’t difficult and you don’t need to be a professional to view damage from the ground, but you should, however, use a professional to check for damage on top of your roof. Look at your roof for the following signs:

Curled or Missing Shingles

Shingles that appear to be missing pieces from the shingle or that are curled up definitely need to be replaced. Curling is a sign that the roof is quite old.  If you see a place where shingles should be and are not, your structure could be getting damaged. If the shingle fell or rotted away, replacing the piece is a priority. Otherwise, the problems can spread quickly.  A roof repair contractor may be able to replace shingles if the damage is confined to a small area, but it is also possible that the entire roof may need replacement.

Mold & Decay

Take a look at any visible roofing cement for crumbling, as this is an indication of decay. If you have wood shingles, signs of mold and decay are bad news. Look for anything growing on shingles, and alert your contractor if you think something is wrong.

Rusty Gutters

Rusty or decaying gutters are an indication that you need to invest in a system of diverting water away from your house. You should also check gutters for loose attachments and sagging, which can cause bigger problems later on.

Loose, Broken Flashings

The vast majority of roof leaks develop as a result of bad flashings. While a roof repair contractor finds this to be an easy fix, damage caused by leaks may not be.  Have you noticed brown, gray, or yellow stains left by moisture on your ceiling? This is an indication that your roof is leaking. You should  also look for leaks and dampness in the attic, which indicates that water is somehow getting through.

Tree Branches Hanging Over

Few people realize the impact a nearby tree can have on a roof. Unfortunately, hanging branches often lead to scratches and damaged shingles. Additionally, the shade provided by the tree can facilitate damp conditions for mold.

Inspecting your roof requires you to look inside and out. It is not enough to take a quick peek every once in a while. Thankfully, roofing contractors can help you fix the problem, no matter what appears to be the matter.  Contact Perfection Roofing, Inc., for a free inspection of your roof.

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