How To Hire The Best Roofing Contractor

Choosing between a wide range of qualified roofing contractors can leave you confused on what traits and kind of work you are really seeking out of a roofing contractor. Searching around on the web, and interviewing family, friends and neighbors in your area can allow you to widen your horizons, but doing a little bit of your own detective work can prove to be beneficial as well. Even after looking through their webpage, how can you know which roofing contractor will be the right fit for you and your needs?

Read Reviews for Many Different Roofing Contractors Before You Choose

Research the roofing company you plan to hire, read reviews, and look through their portfolio. If you know what kind of work the roofing contractors usually do, and are able to read testimonials from other homeowners, you’ll have a pretty good idea how the job will be done.

Ask About Licensing, Insurance and Bonding

Never hire a roofing contractor without making sure their licensing and insurance is legitimate. As soon as possible, ask the roofing contractor you are planning on hiring if they are licensed and insured. If the roofing contractor says that they are not licensed and insured, don’t waste any more time questioning them and move on to the next.


When you choose to work with a local roofing company, you are putting money back into the community you live in, and bringing in more jobs to your area. A local roofing contractor will also know the types of storms that affect your area, what roofing products will work best in your town’s climate, and the kinds of weather that occurs.

Humble & Hard Working

You want to make friends with your roofing contractor, and if you can’t make friends with them, then at least you can get along with them. Hiring a humble, friendly and approachable roofing contractor will allow you to get more out of the roofing process. When you get along with your roofing contractor, you can ask them questions, and stay more informed throughout the process of roof repair or replacement, and maybe you can even learn something.

Call Tulsa’s own Perfection Roofing to see our portfolio, and ask about our qualifications and work ethic.

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