How to Find The Most Reliable Roofers

Reliable roofers can be tough to come by, especially if you’re not sure how to pick a good one. It can be a huge help to know which questions to ask, as well as which traits to look for in a roofer. Here are some tips on finding a great roofer that’s reliable and trustworthy.

Look for Licensed, Insured Roofers

Reliable roofers have the correct licenses, insurances, and registrations to perform roofing work in your community. Roofers who do not have these essential items are likely not in your community for the long term, and should not be trusted with your home’s roof.

Get a Second (and Third) Opinion

One of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping for a roofer is going with a single proposal. Instead of trusting a single company at the outset, look to two or three local companies for proposals; reliable roofers will gladly give you a written proposal for the job. Look at each carefully, and make a note of where they differ. Don’t be afraid to discuss anything you don’t understand, and ensure you’re aware of exactly what’s included.

Consider More than Just Cost

Each of the proposals for your roofing work should include a breakdown of costs: how much you’re paying for general labor, removal and haul-off of the old materials, new material costs, and more. Don’t just look at the bottom line and go with the lowest proposal, as doing so could lead to problems with low-quality materials, poor workmanship, or your own cleanup. You may also find that lower bids don’t include some essential services, resulting in hidden costs.

Determine Payment Schedules

Roofers who are less than trustworthy may ask for the entire cost of your project before any work is performed or materials delivered. Reliable roofers may require a deposit upon delivery of materials, the deposit of the full amount in an escrow account or a number of other arrangements. Know when you’re expected to pay, how much you’ll need to put down on the job, and when the final payment is expected.

Find Community Ties

Community ties are very important when it comes to finding a reliable roofer. At Perfection Roofing, we’ve been Oklahoma’s premier roofing company since 1979. We’re family owned and operated, and we take pride in helping Oklahoma residents with roofs that are meant to withstand Oklahoma weather. Contact us today for a free estimate for your roofing needs.

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