Every now and then, homeowners get turned off by the current outside appearance of their home. They turn to contractors, home improvement stores, and neighbors for exterior renovation advice. Re-painting the exterior of your home or simply changing the color scheme, shaping up your hedges and landscaping, or changing the color of your  shingles are all ideas to refresh the eyes of your neighborhood and give you a newly found sense of contentment when pulling into your driveway.


If you do not feel comfortable trimming the hedges yourself, or feel you do not have a green thumb, then hiring a gardener or professional landscaper may be for you! The groundskeeping and floriculture that surrounds your home is what brings your home’s exterior to life! Add a little color by planting a small flower garden or placing flower pots around your doorstep. Keeping the trees and hedges trimmed and groomed will make your home seem well put together and clean.

Color Schemes

When deciding on a color for your roof, your trim and siding colors should be taken into consideration. If you are looking for a new start with your exterior color scheme, try adding in one intense color, such as a very bright or very dark color to go along with a combination of neutral tones. Remember that the color of your roof can affect the overall efficiency of your home, therefore, try going for lighter toned roof shingles, that won’t absorb the sunlight nearly as much as a dark colored roof. Besides, we all know that change every once in awhile is good!

Roof Replacement

Out of all of the exterior renovations that you could choose to undertake, roof repair and roof replacement is probably the most important of them all. Your roof is first and foremost the most important as well as protective part of your home and therefore, must be maintained properly. If the time does come when you have to invest in a new roof, the process of replacing your roof should be handled by a trusted roofing contractor such as Perfection Roofing. The roofing procedure should go over as smoothly as possible and we will be here to help with any issues and answer any questions you may have.

If you are having roof concerns, or feel as though you need a fresh change, contact Perfection Roofing. We can work with you through the process of exterior home renovations.

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