How to Deal with Pests in Your Roof

Few people connect the slow failure of a roof with the uninvited pests that may set up homes in residential attics. Yet the degradation of flashing, loss of shingles or failure of a fascia board could provide just the gaps and entryways mice, squirrels, rats, raccoons, bats, birds and insects need to get inside your Tulsa-area home. Dealing with these pests involves a united front by your pest control contractor for pest removal, and your local roofer, for roof repair.

No Roof Walking

We at Perfection Roofing cannot emphasize enough how dangerous a roof can be for a homeowner. Our advice is always the same:

Stay Off Your Roof!

As your local roofing contractor, Perfection Roofing has the proper safety equipment, fall protection and training to work on all types of residential roofs to perform minor roof repair work to eliminate these “red carpets” for every type of pest:

  • Separation between chimney and shingle
  • Dislodged flashing
  • Rotted or loose fascia boards
  • Weak ventilation connections
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Broken or cracked tiles
  • Overhanging trees

Surprisingly, other entrances may not be near your attic at all. Foundation gaps can allow rodents (natural climbers) to enter at ground level within your walls and make their way up into your attic.

Pest Control

Contact a local pest control agent about traps, poisons, strobe lights or other techniques to empty the attic before roofers close up the pests’ entrances (and exits!). For example, are you prepared to encounter a wasp’s nest in a confined attic? A pest control technician knows how to handle the pests safely and humanely.

The Homeowner’s Role

Working safely from a ladder and staying off your roof, keep your gutters clean. This prevents water buildup that can rot fascia boards. It also discourages hive insects.

Prevention Prevails

Your roof may not fail and allow water infiltration immediately, but it can have weak areas that allow attic pests inside long before a leak develops. An annual inspection, cleaning and roof repair session can prevent insect invasion and prolong the life of your roof. Perfection Roofing can perform any minor roof repair job during this annual inspection, and report to you the condition of the entire roof system. This includes the gutter system, fascia board, drip edge, sheathing, flashing, ventilation and roofing material itself.

Troubled by attic pests under your roof? Contact Perfection Roofing today to learn how we can help.

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