Unfortunately, Oklahoma is known for strong storms, tornadoes, and other harsh weather that can leave your roof damaged. The roof is what protects all other components of your home, including the walls, flooring, and more. This is the time of year when storms can pop up at any moment. What happens if your shingled roof is damaged and you can’t get a professional to come repair it right away? How much will a shingle roof repair cost? We have the answers to your questions below.

Before help arrives for shingle roof repair, you can take the following steps yourself to protect your home from interior damage:

First, examine your home and look for bulges or wet spots in the ceiling. Using a long object poke a small hole in the middle and collect any water that is draining from that hole using a bucket sitting on the floor. This will help keep damage to the ceiling at a minimum.

Until help arrives, take these steps outside your home:

1.) Use a pair of binoculars and inspect the roof from the ground. This allows you to easily notice any large areas of damage. You may see areas where there are shingles or roofing material missing. Those same areas may be causing the leaking inside your home.
2.) Make sure to notate the damaged areas, and list by order of severity. When you are talking with roofing companies you can compare notes and confirm that all the damage is addressed.
3.) Clear any debris from the ground and around the house. This allows the roofing company to gain access to your roof quickly and easily.

How much does shingle roof repair cost?

This depends on the extent of the damage, whether you need just a few shingles replaced, whether there is structural damage, and other factors. According to Angie’s List the average cost to repair a roof is about $600 – $1000, although how much you pay depends on the materials needed and extent of damage. You can expect to spend between $5.40 and $7.00 per roof square for repair materials. This does not count underlayment materials or labor. Of course prices vary among contractors, so you’ll want to get an estimate from your roofing contractor.

When severe weather strikes, it can leave many residents in Tulsa, Moore, Lawton, OK City, Broken Arrow, Claremore, and other nearby areas with a damaged, leaking roof. For shingle roof repair, trust Perfection Roofing for unparalleled results!


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