Perhaps you’ve noticed that your roof has a small leak. While your initial reaction might be to ignore it to see if it becomes a more significant problem, waiting is dangerous.

A steady, small leak can quickly lead to severe structural damage, but also to harmful mold that puts the health of your family at risk. Mold growth can occur in only a couple of days when the right conditions are present.

Types of Mold

Roof leaks often lead to systemic growth mold and limited growth mold because water stagnates and gives mold spores the chance to germinate with the moist surface.

  • Systemic mold

This type of mold occurs when a leaky roof creates enough moisture buildup to cause mold growth through an entire area of, say, your attic. When mold reaches systemic growth stage, you’ll need professional assistance to get rid of it.

  • Limited growth mold

If your attic has the proper ventilation to prevent condensation, moisture accumulates only in the area of the leak and the resulting mold issue is smaller. Killing the existing mold spores caused by the leaky roof will rid your house of the problem entirely.

In either case, however, you need to address issues caused by a leaky roof immediately because mold isn’t the only potential problem associated with roof leaks.

Other problems caused by a leaky roof

  • Falling ceiling tiles

It doesn’t take much of a leak before moisture damages ceiling tiles, causing them to fall, while also damaging walls and floors.

  • Wet insulation

When insulation gets wet because of a leaky roof, it costs you additional money to heat and cool your home. Have a professional inspection done of your insulation and replace any that’s wet.

  • Accelerated aging of your roof

Every homeowner wants to get the most extended lifespan from their roof. Water from a leaky roof penetrates all part of the roof, causing damage that leads to the deterioration of your roof. In cold climates, a leaky roof may lead to ice formation that further stresses your roof and home.

Other issues may come as a result of roof leaks, such as causing wet areas that may lead to slips and falls, as well as insects and other types of contamination.

Preserving your roof and protecting it against damage caused by leaks is of utmost importance. Perfection Roofing of Tulsa offers top quality roof preservation services. Contact us today for a thorough roof inspection to make sure your roofing system is performing at its best.