ho policy and roof repair

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, providing structural integrity in addition to keeping the weather out and maintaining a comfortable temperature within. If something goes wrong with your roof, you’re going to want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Most home repairs are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, including roof replacement, but you’ll want to consult your policy to be sure. Here are some tips about what’s usually covered and what sometimes isn’t. 

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be one of the most damaging of roof problems. If water, mud, or dirt gets through your roof, it can damage carpets, furnishings, and anything else located under the leak.

If a roof leak is the result of strong storm or other thing outside of your control, you will usually be covered by your homeowner’s policy. If, however, the leak occurred because of lack of proper maintenance, or because of owner negligence (such as carelessness when installing a satellite TV dish or weather vane), you may have to cover some or all of the repairs yourself, so be sure to read your policy.

Damage from Tornadoes

Oklahoma has one of the highest occurrence of tornadoes of any US state. The cost of a roof repair as a result of tornado damage will almost always be covered, as most homeowner’s insurance policies cover losses that occur as the result of wind. A few older policies may exclude tornadoes, so it may be a good idea to update your coverage. However, valuable cars or boats may not be covered by your homeowner’s policy (even if they were in your garage at the time the damage occurred), so you may want to purchase additional coverage for them.

Roof Repair

When your roof has been damaged (especially if it is letting weather in), you’ll want to get the damage repaired as soon as possible. Be aware, though, that it pays to be careful when it comes to getting a roof replacement or patch. Roof scammers often walk neighborhoods after a weather event, bilking desperate homeowners out of money for repairs they never complete.

Rather, work with an established, reputable roofing company, such as Perfection Roofing. Our experienced professionals have been serving Broken Arrow and the Tulsa area since 1979 and can work with your insurance to provide the services you need.


For any additional questions or clarifications about what your Homeowner’s Policy really covers, contact your insurance agent.

For your roof repair questions and needs, contact our team at Perfection Roofing.

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