Flat roofs work well for commercial buildings, but they need regular inspection to check for any signs of damage. Diligent repairs avoid extensive damage and gives your roof a longer lifespan. Inspections also save on maintenance and repair costs as well as avoiding escalating health issues and potential lawsuits. Here are essential points to help you prevent and control damage to your commercial roofing in all seasons.

Importance of Regular Roof Inspection

An in-depth assessment makes it easier for you to keep your roof in great condition, reducing the repair costs year after year. Generally, a regular roof inspection is crucial because:

  • You’ll get advice about any required repairs and maintenance
  • You will know the expected lifetime and overall condition of your roof

Keep your roof in good shape and watertight

You might have been procrastinating on getting your roof inspected. Here are a few warning signs to let you know its time to assess your roof.

  • Experiencing interior issues like peeling paint on your ceiling, sagging drywall, water streaks on the underside of the roof as well as moldy insulation between the floor joints. 
  • You notice age-related deterioration problems just by walking around the building perimeter. These may include piles of shed granules below the gutter downspouts, pieces of shingles on the ground and damaged or missing flashing.
  • You notice your roof is leaking as a result of hail damage, high winds or torn-off sections of flashing.
  • An unexpected increase in a household’s energy bills is also a red flag that your roof needs an urgent inspection.

The Best Times to Repair your Flat Roof

  • During summer or fall. These are arguably the busiest times for roofing companies owing to the favorable weather conditions. However, depending on your needs, you can schedule roofing repair appointments at any time of the year.
  • To boost your property’s appeal. To keep your exterior in top condition, replace missing or damaged shingles and rotten siding. You may also consider repainting your roof to restore its beauty.
  • When planning to sell. Updating, replacing, or renovating your building’s roof should play a significant role in increasing its resale value.

Ways to Prevent Damage to Commercial Roofing

  • Developing a Roof Asset Management program. It combines inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Saves you money in the long run by letting you pay for small, preventive maintenance instead of invasive emergency repairs.
  • Ensuring drains and joints work correctly.  Having a flat roof means you will have to clean the roof regularly by clearing debris which may clog gutters.
  • The type of roofing material. Choosing an easily degradable durable material which will last you longer and serve you better. Usually, metal or wood materials determines how you approach maintenance. 

How to Prepare your Roof for Tulsa’s Different Seasons

Avoid climbing up the roof to inspect, instead call a professional. The roofing expert should check the chimneys, attic, gutters, flashing, and shingles. Set aside a budget for repairs and replacements.

  • Winter Rain, snow, and wind are known to shorten your roof’s lifespan. After storms, a lot of debris fill your gutters. This prevents water from flowing through them to the downspouts and raises the risk of water damage. You can avoid it by checking and cleaning them every year. To lower the risk of trees and shrubs falling on your roof during a storm, you should consider trimming them regularly.  
  • Summer Flat rooms are designed to reduce the volume of the building and make it more energy-efficient. Nonetheless, you should insulate your roof more in the summer. This cuts cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. An evenly vented roof separates the building from the unheated attic. While preventing mold and mildew, it also regulates the temperature inside.
  • Spring This is the time to let your roof recover from the winter weather and ready it for the spring. It is the perfect time to inspect your attic and gutters to know their condition. 

Can a Flat Roof be Repaired in Winter?

Most people prefer scheduling repairs during spring. However, due to the fair weather in Tulsa, your roof can be inspected, replaced, or repaired anytime.

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